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Uncle Jeff, Ukulele Loki, Webmaster Jay and a herd of monkeys
By Loki
Freelance Writer
Jeff   Uncle Jeff is a bearded, grizzled miner who is older than the hills. His mountain abode is a shrine to the impressive musical archive housed within – old 78-RPMs, wall-to-wall records & CDs, and a treasure trove of  “rare recordings.” This invaluable resource, combined with Uncle Jeff’s encyclopedic knowledge of its contents, makes up the meat of our radio program. When Uncle Jeff isn’t busy mining the stacks, he commemorates his love affair with music by designing and hand-pulling the best rock ‘n’ roll posters in the business. For a sample of his work visit Uncle Jeff is also – inexplicably -- one third of the internationally acclaimed, down-tempo and experimental electronic trio, Multicast. Go figure. Find out more about his other side at
Loki   Ukulele Loki is a young whelp of a lad, a whippersnapper, and a smart aleck. When not extolling the virtues of Woody Guthrie or engaging in polemics, Loki plies his quill as a freelance writer, serenades your forgotten grandparents at their nursing home and works out new acts for his circus sideshow, The Crispy Family Carnival Spectacular. His band, The Nogoodniks are such nice boys; they play a combination of hot-jazz, jug band, broken hearted pop romance, and circus music. You can find out more about Loki or hire him to emcee and perform at your monster truck rally or cotillion by visiting
Jay   Jay is’s venerable web-wizard. In addition to designing and updating the site, Jay keeps the boys honest and accountable in the studio by documenting the ever expanding and wily playlist. Every week, he transcribes and posts the list along with a heap of useful links and the always anticipated show notes.
Writing Staff

Writers? Oh yeah, sure. We've got dozens of ‘em. A whole team of trained professionals: joke-writers; musicologists;
ex-presidential speechwriters; and monkeys. Lots of monkeys -- with laptops. You should see the monkeys.