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Show #498 2010, Another Year, Another Top Ten


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Hank Williams- Thirty Pieces of Silver (Time/Life)
02     Gene O'Quinn- I Stand Convicted (Castle LP)
03     Bob Dylan- Roll on John (Smithsonian/Folkways)
04     Caleb Klauder- In the Beginning
- break
05     Bailey Brothers- I'd Rather Have Jesus
06     Hank Williams- Long Gone Daddy [Farmer Jim Tapes] (Doxy LP)
07     Ferlin Husky- Minnie Ha-Cha (Calstle LP)
08     Yiorgios Katsaros- Creep Along the Walls (Mortika- Recordings from a Greek Underworld
         Mississippi/Canary Records)
- break
09     Red Simpson- Under Arrest
10     Rufus Cohen & Wade Patterson- So Long, GO (Smithsonian/Folkways)
11     Drag the River- Always Tired (Esta Loco LP)
12     Eleibeth Cotten- Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie (Smithsonian/Folkways)
13     Alasdair Roberts-Long Lankin (Drag City)
- break
14     The Computer Sings (Willkommen im Weltraum- Nostalgia for an age yet to come
15     Udi Nevres Bey- Aksau Oldu (To Scratch Your Heart (Early Recordings From Instanbul)
         (Honest Jon's Records)
16     Sun Kil Moon- Alesund (Caldo Verde)
17     John Lennon- Free As A Bird (Dakota Beatles Demos)
18     Jeff Tweedy- Sunken Treasure (Chicago 6-14-1999)
- break
19     The Alps- Le Voyage (Type Records)
20     Barn Owl- Into the Red Horizon (for all my record troll bastard friends)
21     Sandro Brugnolni- Lamantino (Flipper Psychout - Vampi-Soul)
22     Arp- Grapefruit (Smalltown Supersound LP)
23     Grails- Stoned At the Taj (Important Records)
Notes: 2010 Another Year, Another Top Ten, One Year Closer to Death. Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.