Route 78 West 11/21/2010 back
Show #495 Tortilla Spaghetti Western


 track  artist, song-label, format

01     Ferlin Husky, I Wouldn't Treat a Dog Like That-Castle, LP (1950)
02     York Brothers, Gonna Find Me A Bluebird, CMH-LP (ca. 1955)
03     Ennio Morricone, The Big Gundown-The Widow-UA, LP (1963)
- break
04     Calexico, Across the Wire-Quarterstick, CD
05     Pinno Donaggio, Amore Piombo E Furore- Tema di Clayton (DRG 1978)
06     Midnight Cowboy- Maint Theme (UA LP 1970)
- break
07     Ennio Morricone, Two Mules for Sister Sara- Sara's Theme-Kapp, LP (1970)
08     Ennio Morricone, The Big Gundown- The Verdict-UA, LP (1963)
09     Devotchka, La Lolorna-Cicero, CD
10     Ennio Morricone, Gio la Testa- Mesa Verde-Dagored, LP
11     Os Mutantes, Ah Minha Menina-Polydor
- break
12     Tara Linda-Live
13     Tara Linda, Muse's Duel
14     Tara Linda, Padre Kino's Mission-Physalia Records
15     Moe Greene Specials, Esperos de Oro (Green Cooke)
16     Peter Rowan, Free Mexican Airforce-Flying Fish, LP (1984)
- break
17     Bruce Springsteen, Sentimental Journey (live 1974)
18     Tara Linda-Live
19     Calexico, Minas de Cobre-Our Soil Our Strength, CD
20     Bruce Springsteen, The Fever (live 1974) [for Danny F]
21     Tara Linda-Live
22     Ted Sturgeon, Salamanca-Obliq Recordings

Notes: Thanks to Tara Linda for a great in studio performance. Our Hats are also off to Kevin and Charles for covering last week's show. Have a great Thanksgiving. See ya next week. Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.