Route 78 West 11/7/2010 back
Show #493 World Of Pain


 track  artist, song-label, format
  >>     preamble by Alice Coltrane

01     The Kinks, Demon Alcohol
02     Gram Parsons, In My Hour of Darkness
03     The Carter Family, Fifty Miles of Elbow Room
04     Drag The River, Beautiful and Damned
- break 10:17 am
05     Traffic, John Barleycorn Must Die
06     Doug Paisley, Digging In The Ground
07     Richmond Fontaine, Four Hours Out [for Shawn]
08     The Band, I Was Born By The River
09     Richard Buckner, A Chance Counsel [for Barbara]
- break 10:44 am
10     Van Morrison, Friday's Child
11     Neil Young, Everybody's Alone
12     Hank III, #5
13     Lee Hazelwood, Friday's Child
- break 11:03 am
14     Bon Iver, Re:Stacks [for Laura]
15     Iron and Wine, Passing Afternoon Endless Number Of Days
16     Richard Buckner, First
17     Bruce Springsteen, The Promise [original version]
18     Ryan Bingham, South Side Of Heaven
- break 11:30 am
19     Kurt Cobain, Heart Shaped Box
20     Jason Molina, Pyramid Electric Co.
21     Lucindia Williams
22     Halden Wofford & The Hi-Beams, Sideways In The Rain (Texas Tears demo)
23     Cream, World Of Pain
24     Neil Young, The Deep Forbidden Lake
25     Jethro Tull, Hymm 43
Notes: R.I.P. World of Pain. Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.