Route 78 West 10/24/2010 back
Show #491 Bob


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     I Guess I'm Doing Fine*
02     Barbara Allen (Gaslight '62)
03     Walking Down the Line*
04     Hard Times In New Yourk Town*
- break
05     Rocks & Gravel ('61 Minnesota tape)
06     Blowin' In the Wind*
07     He Was A Friend of Mine (Finjan Club, Montreal '62)
08     Tomorrow Is A Long Time*
- break
09     Bob Dylan's Dream*
10     Percy's Song (Times Outtake)
11     You Don't Have to Do That (Bringing It All Back Home Outtake)
12     Times They Are A Changing*
13     Stealin' ('61 Minnesota Hotel tape)
14     I'm Not There ('67 Basement Tapes)
15     Positively Van Gogh ('66 Denver Hotel Tape)
- break
16     Too Much of Nothing ('67 Basement Tapes)
17     I'll Keep It With Mine*
18     Number One ('65 Band Sessions)
19     Telephone Wire ('69 Studio)
- break
20     Baby Let Me Follow you Down*
21     All You Have to Do Is Dream ('67 Basement Tapes)
22     Please Crawl Out Your Window ('65 fast version)
23     Rock Me Mama #1 (Pat Garrett Outtake)
24     Hey Mr. Tambourine Man*
25     Rock Me Mama #2 (Pat Garrett Outtake)
- break
26     4th Time Around ('66 Melbourne Live)
27     Tombstone Blues (alt. version)
28     Farewell*
Notes: One of the best Route 78 Shows of all time. You will need this one to bond with your grandson when he's taking that music history class ten years from now. Me, I need it now so as to ponder the meaning of meaning.

* featuring the Whitmark Demos - Columbia/Legacy Bootleg Series Vol. 9.

Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.