Route 78 West 9/12/2010 back
Show #485 Fire On The Mountain


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Paul Barton, My Neighbor The Firefighter-GEMA, CD [for Bret]
02     Jim Lauderdale, Merle World-Dualtone, CD
03     Merle Haggard, Sing Me Back Home-Bear Family, CD [for Uncle Jeff]
04     Grateful Dead, Fire On The Mountain [outtake, for Adrian]
05     Neil Young, See The Sky About To Rain [Archives]
- break
06     Lunford Brothers, Steel Guitar Wobble-Okeh, 78 (1936-37)
07     Bill Boyd's Cowboy Ramblers, Domino Rag-Bluebird, LP
08     Duff Family, Brown's Ferry Blues-Band Box, 45Rpm
09     Turner Brothers, Kentucky-Radio Artists Records-78
- break
10     Speedy West, Skiddle-De-Boo-Capitol, 78
11     Jess Hooper & His Daydreamers, All Messed Up-Meteor, 45
- break
12     Gene O'Quinn, The Devil On My Shoulder-Capitol Records, 45
13     Mack Curtis, You Ain't Treatin' Me Right-King, 78
14     Hanksaw Hawkins, Rebound-Rebound-RCA Victor, 78
15     The Country Cabin Boys, Wounded Knee Polka-Ecco Fonic, 45
- break
16     The Country Cabin Boys, Lucky's Lullabye-Ecco Fonic, 45
17     Amos Millburn & His Chicken Shackers-Drifting Blues-Aladdin, 78
18     Ray Price, Crazy Arms-Columbia , LP
- break
19     Little Jimmy Dickens, When That Love Bug Bites-Columbia, 78
20     Sammy Masters, Lost Little Nickle-Ecco Fonic, 45
21     Milton Brown & His Brownies, I'm Talkin' About You-78
22     Sean Mencher, Jumpin' Track-Ecco Fonic, 45
- break
23     Claudio Tallino, Killer Adios-Dagored, CD
24     Multicast, Spanish Piece
25     Santo & Johnny, Harbor Lights-Black Tulip, CD
- break
26     Fred Rose, Blues In My Mind-Columbia, 78
27     Bar-X, Hangover Blues
28     Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers, Can You Forgive-Bluebird, 78
- break
29     Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers, Back Up And Push-Bluebird, 78
30     Armie Smith & The Southern Swingers, Nobody's Fault But My Own-RCA Victor, 78
31     Chuck Bowers, Pig Pen Boogie-Choice, 78
32     Big Al Downing, Down On The Farm-Roller Coaster, 45
33     Richmond Fontaine, Burned
34     Local 33, Blue Collar Work Day
Notes: "Hey Jayro & Charles. Here's a couple I'd love to hear - I'll see if we can get a radio tuned to 1190 around 11 a.m. after the debriefing." That was Jeff's note stuck between a pile of CDs placed near the studio control board. He'd been out of contact for 3 days wandering through the burned out basements hoping for a rainy coldfront. He can tell you the whole story himself someday.