Route 78 West 8/15/2010 back
Show #481 Closer To The Pine Box


 track  artist, song-label, format

01     Beatles, It's Your Birthday [mono mix outtake]
02     Ted Daffen, Born to Lose-Cowgirlboy Records, LP
03     Wade Mainer, What Would Give In Exchange For Your Soul-Homestead, LP [1936]
04     Hank Williams, The Battle of Armageddon-Doxy, LP
- break 10:14 am
05     Sir Richard Bishop, Wadi El-Natrun-Knucklehead Freefall, CDr [2005]
06     The Louvin Brothers, Satan Is Real-Capitol, CD
07     Roosevelt Sykes, I'm Tired-IR Imperial, LP [LM-94006]
08     The Intruders, Cowboys to Girls [rare]
- break 10:30 am
09     The Byrds, It's All Over, Baby Blue-Sundazed, LP
10     Bob Dylan, It's All Over, Baby Blue-Columbia, CD [alternate version]
- break 10:39 am
11     Jim Lauderdale, Patchwork River [new, with Robert Hunter]
12     Blue Mountain, Lakeside-Roadrunner, CD [1999]
13     Wilco, Summerteeth-Reprise, CD
14     Jim Lauderdale, Tales From The Sad Hotel-Dual Tone, CD
- break 10:57 am
15     Pavement, Here-Matador Records, LP [1992]
16     Tim O'Brien, Farewell Angelina-Sugarhill, CD
17     The Verve, On Your Own-Hut, EP
18     Josephine Foster, I Could Bring You Jewels-Fire Records, LP
19     The Band, Rocking Chair-Columbia, CD
20     The Verve, On Your Own-Hut, EP
- break 11:20 am
21     The Youngbloods, Fiddler A Dram-Warner, LP [1970]
22     Them, It's All Over, Baby Blue-Mp3
23     Iron & Wine, Sodom South Georgia-Sub Pop, CD
24     Richard Buckner, Once-MCA, CD [Since]
25     Red Sparowes, As The Black Wind Withers In Our Sky We Are Graced Dimly In Our
         Dreams-Robotic Empire, LP [2006]
- break 11:43 am
26     Starflyer, Traffic Jam-Tooth and Nail, CD [1998]

Notes: Jim Lauderdale, August 27 at the Fox Theatre. Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.