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Show #480 Back and Forth In Time


 track  artist, song-label, format

bonus tracks
- Spacemen 3, Transparent Radiation
- Barn Owl, Into The Red Horizon
- Ennio Morriconi, A Pistol For Ringo

01     Gene O'Quin, No Parking Here-Castle, LP [8207-8212]
02     Brother Bones & his Shadows, Sweet Georgia Brown-78 (1929)
03     Carl Smith, Backup Buddy Don't You Come Any Closer-Columbia, 78 (21197)
04     Slim Whitman, Indian Love Call-Bear Family, CD (1952)
- break 10:13 am
05     Cliff Bruner & the Rice Brothers' Gang, Sugar Blues-MCA, LP [1930's Decca Collection]
06     Onie Wheeler, Run 'em Off-Bear Family Records, CD
07     The Willis Brothers, Convoy In The Sky-Starday, LP
08     Hank Lonklin, Please Help Me I'm Fallin'-RCA Victor, 45
09     Hank Williams, In My Dreams You Still Belong To Me-Doxy, LP[1947-48]
10     Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys, I'm Not Drunk Enough-Bloodshot, CD
- break 10:31 am
11     Hank Lonklin, My Old Home Town-RCA Victor, 45
12     Roy Drusky, I Rather Loan You Out-Decca, 45
13     Lefty Frizzell, A King Without A Queen-
14     The Seldom Seen, Were You There-Rebel Recording Company-LP
- break 10:45 am
15     Bob Weir, Weather Report Suite-demo [1973]
- break 11:03 am
16     Sam McGee, Dew Drop-Arhoolie, LP [1969]
17     Kjetil Flatin, Jornvrongia Springar-Parlortone, LP [1920]
18     Norman Blake, Blackberry Blossom-Flying Fish-LP [1977]
- break 11:16 am
19     Sam McGee, Blackberry Blossom-Arhoolie, LP [1969]
- break 11:19 am
20     John Fahey, Irish Setter-Vangard, CD
21     Ryan Adams [11.15.200, rare]
22     The Moe Greene Specials, Buicks OTM-Sonic, CD
23     Los Twang Marvels, Flight Of The Bumblebee-El Toro, CD
24     Teisco Del Ray, You're Gonna Miss Me-Upstart, CD
25     The Playboys, Theme From Doctor No-Big Beat, CD [1969]
- break 11:43 am
26     Boris, You Are Holding-Southern Lord, LP
27     Red Sparowes, The Soundless Dawn Came Alive As Cities Began To Mark The Horizon
         Robotic Empire, LP

Notes: The studio was running on auto pilot so we got to play a mini set of Spacemen 3, Barn Owls and Ennio Moriconi before the clock struck 10. To our regular listeners this is not unusual. The phone was lighting up before Jeff even had the first Country song queued. Most genres typical of this show were played and by the time Boris and the Red Sparrows aired it was high noon.

After a quick lunch at Moe's Bagels Jeff and I headed out to the ranch to feed the horses, then made it back to the 1190 studio for Vitamin Fuzz... a somewhat new and fuzzy Psychedelic show at 2 p.m.

This was show #480.

See you next week.

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