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Show #477 Uncle Jeff's Favorites


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Buffalo Springfield, Go and Say Goodbye-Atco, LP
02     Wanda Jackson, I Gotta Know-Ace, CD
03     Johnny Credit, Hello I'm Johnny Credit-Omni, CD
04     Uncle Tupelo, New Madrid-Warner, CD
05     Bob Dylan, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues-Columbia Legacy, CD [1965]
- break 10:19 am
06     Bruce Cockburn, All The Diamonds-True North, LP [1974]
07     Matthew Sweet, Winona-Zoo, CD
08     Son Volt, Tear Stained Eye-Warner, CD
09     Lonesome Brothers, Church Of Nicotine-Spirithouse, CD
- break 10:37 am
10     The Old Joe Clarks, Haven't Got Forever-Indigo, CD
11     Mudcrutch, Orphan Of The Storm-Warner, CD
12     The Holy Modal Rounders, The Whole World Oughta Go On A Vacation-Sundazed, CD (1971)
13     The Gourds, When The Money Comes Rolling In-Watermelon Records, CD
14     Joe Strummer, The Unknown Mortal-Astralwerks, CD
- break 10:59 am
15     Neil Young, Cortez The Killer [rare] [1975]
16     Bon Iver, Re:Stacks-Jagjaguwar, CD
17     Nick Drake, Rider On The Wheel-Hannibal, LP
18     Jerry Garcia, The Wheel-Ice Nine, CD [1972]
- break 11:22 am
19     Mark McGuire, Along The Coral Reef-Weird Forest, LP [a few hours old]
20     The Beach Boys, Surf's Up [Smile out-take]
21     Rickie Lee Jones, Last Chance Texaco-Warner, LP
22     Lou Reed, Coney Island Baby-RCA, CD
- break 11:40 am
23     Creedence, Wrote A Song For Everyone-Fantasy, LP
24     Uncle Tupelo, Effigy [Lounge Axe, rare]
25     Richard Buckner, Boy's the Night Will Bury You-Blackeyed Pig, CD
26     Jay Farrar and Ben Gibbard, One Fast Move Or I'm Gone-Atlantic, CD
- break 11:59 am
27     Rolling Stones, The Last Time-London, LP

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    Glowing neon in my childhood record store.
      You swore not to give up those days.
        You didn't.

    Backseat Cadillac R.I.P. Country's King.
      Now Number 3 makes Nashville kneel.
        It's true.

    Hey hey. My my.
      Kurt's pen sleeps in your desk.
        Hit the twisted road for one last ride.

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