Route 78 West 6/20/2010 back
Show #476 Dad's Day


 track  artist, song-label, format

01     David Rawlings & Friends, Hot Corn Cold Corn [rare]
02     David Rawlings & Friends, I Hear Them All [rare]
03     Carl Story, God Had A Son In Service-Cattle, LP
04     Eddy Arnold, Did You See My Daddy Over There-Bear Family, CD
- break 10:17 am
05     John Prine, Paradise-Atlantic, LP
06     Julie Miller, Take Me Back-Hightone, CD
07     Neil Ray, Big Fanny-Omni, CD
08     Jimmy Dean, Big John-45 rpm [for Uncle Jeff's Dad]
09     Red Sovine, Teddy Bear--Deluxe, CD
10     Tokyo Matsu, Mom And Dad's Waltz-Omni, CD
- break 10:41 am
11     Carey Swinney, A Hero On A Square-Johnson Grass Publishing, CD
12     Gillian Welch, I Had A Real Good Mother And Father-Acony, CD
13     Jerry Jeff Walker, My Old Man-MCA, LP
14     Lefty Frizzell, Mama and Dad's Waltz-Bear Family, CD
- break 11:00 am
15     Jim Lauderdale, Head For The Sun-Dualtone, CD
16     Lefty Frizzell, Shine, Shave, Shower
17     David Rawlings & Friends, Sweet Tooth [for Microphone Mike]
18     Jim Reeves, Bimbo
19     David Rawlings & Friends, Ruby [rare]
- break 11:22 am
20     Danny O'Keefe, Looking Glass-Burdett, 45 [1975]
21     Joshua Emery Blatchley, When I Look In Your Eyes All I See Is Death
         Vin Du Select Qualitite, LP
22     Barn Owl, Into The Red Horrizon-Root Strada, CD
23     Magnolia Electric Co, Protection Spells-45 [B side]
- break 11:44 am
24     Linda Martell, Color Him Father-Plantation, CD
25     Eartha Kitt, My Heart Belongs To Daddy
- break 11:52 am
26     Fairport Convention, Close The Door Lightly When You Go-CD
27     Iron & Wine, Boy With A Coin [rare]
- break 11:58 am
28     David Rawlings & Friends, Turn Your Radio On [for Max]
29     Blue Sky Boys, Turn Your Radio On-Rounder, LP [1947]

Notes: My Dad liked country music. So much that I think it drove my Mom a little nuts. Most of his music was on cassettes. He had a Sony player in the family room and would put that music on whenever he needed to relax. His favorite artists were Hank Williams, Willie Nelson and George Strait. He's been gone 10 years now, but I still have one of his Hank Williams cassettes and keep it out on the shelf as sort of a reminder. Hope you all had a happy Father's Day.

R.I.P. Jimmy Dean.

This was show # 476. See you next week.

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