Route 78 West 6/13/2010 back
Show #475 Propped Up Against A Wall


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     The Burrito Brothers, Tried So Hard-A&M, LP
02     D. Mullens, I Am The Grass [vocoder tricks]
03     Carl McVoy, Born To Lose-Charly Records, LP
04     Gene O'Quin, Low Down Runnin' Around-Castle, LP
- break 10:12 am
05     Trooper Jim Foster, 4 Chrome Wheels-Plantation
06     Billy Gibbons, Billy Gibbons' Bread-
07     Ray Wrong Riley, Harper Valley CIA
08     Jeannie C. Riley, Harper Valley PTA
- break 10:28 am
09     Woodie Gutherie, Pretty Boy Floyd-Folkways, CD [Ash Recordings, for Mike]
10     Rusty Adams, Hippie From Mississippi
11     Webb Pierce, The Good Lord Giveth and Uncle Sam Taketh Away
12     Johnny Cash, Personal Jesus
13     REM, Radio Dub
- break 10:47 am
14     Porter Wagoner, The Rubber Room
15     Hank III, #5-Curb, CD
16     Waylon Jennings, Dalai Is Gone
17     Johnny Cash, Hurt [for Kevin]
- break 11:07 am
18     Fairport Convention, I Still Miss Someone
19     The Band, When I Paint My Masterpiece
20     Dave Rawlings Machine, Cortez The Killer-Acony
21     Rodger Miller, The Animal Man
- break 11:26 am
22     Pink Floyd, Green Is The Color-LP
23     Drive-By Truckers, The Flying Wallendas-ATO, CD
24     Los Straitjackets, Theme From the Magnificent Seven [for Janice]
- break 11:38 am
25     The Byrds, Drug Store Truck Driving Man [for all the DJs out there]
- break 11:45 am
26     Jesse Sykes And The Sweet Hereafter, Sweet Nothing (rare)
- break 11:54 am
27     Grails, Black Tar Prophecy-Important Records, CD
Notes: Today's mini pledge drive was unreal. I don't know how you can do it when times are so thin. Thanks to everyone who bought watts. This is show #475. Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.