Route 78 West 5/23/2010 back
Show #472 Summer In The Republic


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Carl Story, Get On Board Little Children-Cattle, LP
02     Carter Family, When The World's Fire-CMH, LP
03     Woody Gutherie, This Land Is Your Land-Smithsonian Folkways, CD
04     Uncle Tupelo, No Depression [rare]
- break 10:13 am
05     Rodger Miller, King Of the Road-Bear Family Records, CD [for Bobby and Doc]
06     Porter Wagner, Dear Lonesome-Bear Family Records, CD
07     Porter Wagner, Tomorrow We Retire-Bear Family Records, CD
08     Rodger Miller, Kansas City Star-Bear Family Records, CD
09     Adam Carroll, Billy Gibbon's Beard-Scrappy Jud, CD
10     Carey Swinney, Living In My Head-Big Shot, CD
- break 10:34 am
11     Gillian Welch, One Morning [for Doc, rare]
12     Doug Paisley, Digging In The Ground-No Quarter, CD
13     Richard Buckner, Lil' Wallet Picture-Blackeyed Pig, CD [1996]
14     Elliot Randall and The Dead Men, Lucky A Little To Long-CD
15     I See Hawks In LA, Carbon Dated Love-Big Book Records, CD
- break 10:56 am
16     Gene O'Quin, Joe Joe Joe-Castle, LP
17     Woody Gutherie, Do Re Mi-Smithsonian Folkways, CD [written 1937]
18     Carter Family, I Ain't Gonna Work No More-CMH, LP
19     Golden Smog, Walk Where He Walked-Rykodisc, CD [1996]
- break 11:12 am
20     Emily Hurd, Kids In Red Wagons-CD [new]
21     Wilco, Via Chicago [rare]
22     Adam Franklin, Ramone's Land [rare]
23     The Focus Group, Sketches & Spells [rare]
- break 11:34 am
24     Alasdair Roberts, Coral & Tar-Drag City, LP
25     Joshua Emery Blatchley, When I Look In Your Eyes All I See Is Death
         Vin Du Select Qualitite, LP
26     Greg Brown, Eugene-Red House, CD
27     Patrick Bloom, Idle Signs Of Summer-Mud Dauber, CD
- break 11:59 am
28     Donovan, Hurdy Gurdy Man-Sony, CD
Notes: Summer is a new beginning. Kids I have met at 1190 are suddenly matured adults with degrees and moving out toward various reaches of the world. Get out here and spread the word about what you are. It is exciting to see them fly away. Here at the ranch the music keeps on flowing over the Republic of Boulder and choice portions of the metroplex. World coverage via the world wide intraweb. What that means is everyone with a connection gets 1190. Summer is uplifting and could not come at a better time. See you next week.Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.