Route 78 West 4/25/2010 back
Show #468 Get Me Off This Train


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Peter Rowan, Free Mexican Airforce-Flying Fish, LP
02     Arlo Guthrie, Coming Into Los Angeles
03     John Prine, Illegal Smile-Atlantic, LP
04     Old & In The Way, Panama Red-Acoustic Disc, CD
05     The Byrds, The Christian Life-Sundazed, LP [outtake]
- break 10:19 am
06     Son Volt, Medication-Sony BMG, CD
07     Calexico, Crystal Frontier-Mp3 [rare]
08     Richard Buckner, Boys The Night Will Bury You [rare]
09     Blind Willie McTell, Drive Away Blues-Yazoo, LP [L-1005]
- break 10:36 am
10     Taj Mahal, Fishing Blues-[for Mike]
11     Willy Vlautin & Paul Brainard, Capsized [rare] May 6 Tattered Cover
12     The Sunshine Boys, I Wasn't Born To Be Happy-Cow Girl Boy, LP
13     Kings Of Leon, Talahina Sky-RCA, CD
- break 10:50 am
14     John Lennon, Working Class Hero-Apple, LP [for the Webmaster]
15     Palace Brothers, I Am A Cinematographer-Drag City, CD
- break 11:00 am
16     George Strait, Troubadour-Mp3
17     Merle Haggard, Okie From Muskogee-Capitol, CD
18     Graham Lindsey, The Good Life-Spacebar, CD [2008]
19     Lucero, Noon Is Dark As Midnight-Liberty & Lament, CD [for Gary]
- break 11:20 am
20     Gillian Welch, Leaving Trains [soundtrack]
21     Sufjan Stevens, Sister
22     Adam Franklin, Just Landed [demo]
23     Omar Khorshid, Warakat Ya Nassib (Lottery Ticket)-Sublime Frequencies, LP [new]
- break 11:42 am
24     Mark McGuire, The Sun Shining Through The Open Barn Door-CDR [2nd version]
25     The Vistas, Moon Relay-45
26     Bruce Cockburn, You Don't Have To Play The Horses- True North, LP
27     Robert Fripp, Tremelo Study In "A" Major
28     Richmond Fontaine, instrumental
- break 11:56 am
29     Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Notes: These days seem to carry lots of unknowns related mainly to the economy. The phone was active throughout the show with stories from listeners about this. There's nowhere to go to get away from the nonstop blitz from the news media unless you take matters into your own hands. My recommendation is turn it off. The mind just can't take that kind of bombardment. And YES, listen to music. If you can, get outside and tune into nature... just like Grizzly Adams.

Willy Vlautin, the author of The Motel Life and Northline, and the singer and songwriter of the band Richmond Fontaine, will read from and sign his new novel Lean on Pete at the Tattered Cover on May 6th. We will be there, how 'bout you?

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