Route 78 West 3/14/2010 back
Show #462 Sparklehorse


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Sparklehorse, Heart Of Darkness-CD [slow version] more info
02     Hayden, 1939-Badman Recordings, CD
03     Richard Buckner, 22-DejaDisc, CD (DJD 3218, 1995)
04     Drive-By Truckers, When The Well Runs Dry-New West, CD
- break 10:18 am
05     Sparklehorse, Gasoline Horseys-Columbia, CD [1995] an interview
06     Wilco, Via Chicago [rare]
07     Scud Mountain Boys, In A Ditch-Bony Gap, CD (1966)
08     Sparklehorse, Gold Day-Capitol, CD
09     Neil Young, The Old Homestead-Reprise, LP
- break 10:43 am
10     Sparklehorse, Midget In A Junkyard- Capitol, CD [1996, Chords I've Known EP, rare]
11     Calexico, Frank's Tavern-Bloodshot, CD
12     Richmond Fontaine, A New Life-Northline, CD [from the book Northline, rare]
13     Compay Segundo, Chan Chan [mp3]
14     Gene Clark, In A Misty Morning-Edsel, CD
- break 11:04 am
15     Sparklehorse, Heart Of Darkness [wiggley]
16     Hank Williams III, Stoned and Alone-Sidewalk Records, CD
17     The Byrds, If Your Memory Serves You Well [outtake]
18     Bob Dylan, Too Much Of Nothing [outtake #2, Basement Tapes]
19     Dave Rawling Machine, How's About You-Acony, CD
20     Lou Reed, Coney Island Baby [outtake]
- break 11:33 am
21     Sparklehorse, Don't Take My Sunshine Away-Astralwerks, CD [2006]
22     Iron And Wine, Hickory [EP outtake]
23     Ryan Adams, In My Time Of Need [outtake]
24     Richmond Fontaine, Watch Out
- break 11:47 am
25     Sparklehorse, Gasoline Horseys [rare]
26     Multicast, 'Lude Zero [rare]
Notes: Of course I wouldn't know anything about Sparklehorse if I did't know Jeff. And Jeff would of found out sooner or later about Jesse Sykes, but I slipped him the CD and it's history. So coincidence has it that we last saw Sparklehorse at the Gothic, Feb 17 2007 with Jesse Sykes opening. Seems like a while ago. At the time Freedoom Bardos wasn't even old enough to buy a drink... but I slipped him whiskey anyway 'cause he's mature enough to deal. Linkous was delayed in a broke-down bus, but finally came out on the stage apologizing and began with Spirit Ditch while talking the soundman through the board adjustments to create his iconic sound. Believe me, Sparklehorse could do it live. The show wasn't even close to sold out. I stood no more than 15 feet away taking in this disembodied sound and wondering just how an artist can be so creative without reaping the reward? Some folks are destined to be used without rewarded. Maybe that's how Mark Linkous wanted it?

"Smile, cause nothing matters." Mark Linkous R.I.P.

Fittingly it was raining as we walked out the loading dock and headed to Moe's Broadway Bagel where good food and normal folks gather to hide and eat in the Republic of Boulder. Food and coffee [damn good coffee] really helps when that down and empty feeling surrounds you. See ya next week.