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Show #460 Who Is This?


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Hank Williams, Dust On The Bible-Time/Life, CD
02     The Delmore Brothers, Do You Live What You Preach-Bluebird, 78
03     Chuck Wagon Gang, After The Sunrise-Columbia, 78
04     The Carter Family, God Gave Noah the Rainbow Sign-Camden, LP
05     Roy Acuff, Shake My Mother's Hand-Hilltop Records, LP [JM-6028]
06     George Morgan, The Lonesome Waltz-Columbia, 78 [21151]
- break 10:22 am
07     George Jones, Let A Little Lovin' Come In-Columbia, LP
08     Lorretta Lynn and Conway Twitty, Workin' Girl-Decca, LP
09     Jean Shepard, Many Happy Hangovers To You [1966]
10     Jimmie Rodgers, The Wizard-Roulette, LP
11     Charlie Feathers, Too Much Alike, Revent, LP
12     Tibby Edwards, Shift Gears-Mercury [1956]
13     Wanda Jackson, I Gotta Know-Capitol, LP
14     Warren Smith, Uranium Rock-Sun, CD
15     Santo & Johnny, Alabama Bound-Canadian-American Records Ltd, LP [1960]
- break 10:47 am
16     Tiny Murphy, 42 Barrels-78
17     Bob Newman, Haulin' Freight-King, 78 [K3254]
18     Malcolm Yelvington, Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee-Sun, CD
19     The Hollywoods, Scrambled-Link Raycords, LP
20     Nancy Sinatra, Friday's Child-Reprise, LP [RS-6221]
21     HP Lovecraft, Wayfaring Stranger-Philips, LP
22     Raiks Progress, Baby Please Don't Go-Sundazed, LP
- break 11:05 am
23     The Beatles, Cry For A Shadow-Polydor [1961]
24     The Pretty Things, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut-Norton, LP
25     The Beavers, Over Under Sideways Down-Benevento Italia, LP
26     Tyrannosaurus Rex, Elemental Child-Blue Thumb, LP
27     Beauregarde, Testify-Zeno, LP
- break 11:31 am
28     Donovan, The Enchanted Gypsy-Epic, LP [26350]
29     Pearls Before Swine, Another Time-ESP, LP
30     Harry Taussig, Baby Let Me Lay It On You-Tompkins Square, LP
31     Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh, Uti Var Hage-Drag City, LP
32     Country Joe And The Fish, Thursday-Vanguard, LP
33     Country Joe And The Fish, Eastern Jam-Vanguard, LP
34     Jack Rose, Box of Pine-Three Lobed, LP [2009, The Black Dirt Sessions]
- break 11:57 am
35     Neil Young, Hey, Hey, My, My (Into The Black)-Reprise, LP
Notes: Show # 460.

The cusp of seasons teeters your mind between heaven and hell. But we know that Spring will arrive, then Summer and whatever should happen after that will also be. And who could know where or if we will BE at the next transition? So let it flow and bounce in whatever way till it feels right. Hurry by the rough spots and listen to the center of your mind.

Today's hot track is 26, Elemental Child.

See you next week.