Route 78 West 2/14/2010 back
Show #458 It Might Have Been [the NY boxset that could of been]


 track  artist, song-label, format
  Pre-show intro performance of Bluebird, Ap 10, 1968 Gainesville Florida
01     Joe London, It Might Have Been-Liberty, 45 [1959]
02     Neil & Danny Whitten, It Might Have Been [Feb 25, 1970 Cincinnati]
03     Broken Arrow [solo, Feb 25, 1970 Cincinnati]
04     L.A. [Jan 21, 1973 Carnegie Hall]
- break 10:22 am
05     Time Fades Away [Jan 28, 1973, Norfolk Virginia]
06     Last Trip To Tulsa [Feb 18, 1973 Baton Rouge]
07     Mr. Soul [Ap 10, 1968 Gainesville Florida]
08     Reprise Promo for Neil Young's First Album
- break 10:47 am
09     Pushed It Over The End [Aug 27, 1974 Chicago]
10     Citizen Kane Junior Blues [May 16, 1974 The Bottom Line]
- break 11:05 am
11     I Ain't Got The Blues [Elektra Studio demo 1965]
12     Southern California Brings Me Down [National Lampoon Radio Hour]
13     Sweet Joni [Mar 11, 1973 Bakersfield]
14     Human Highway [CSNY Dec 7, 1973 San Francisco]
15     Reprise Promo for After The Gold Rush
16     Cripple Creek [Jan 21, 1973 Carnegie Hall]
17     Greensleeves [May 16, 1974 The Bottom Line]
- break 11:26 am
18     Journey Through Through The Past [Jan 27, 1971 Macky Auditorium, Boulder]
19     New Mama [Jan 23, 1973 Madison Square Garden]
- break 11:37 am
20     Albuquerque [Nov 3, 1973 Manchester]
21     Everybody's Alone [KQED rehearsal Feb 7, 1970]
22     Traces [TTN Acetate]
23     Home Fires [CSNY 1974 tour]
- break 11:51 am
24     Sell Out [full version]
25     Pants On The Ground
26     Love In Mind [Feb 23, 1971 BBC]

I have heard Jeff talking about today's Neil Young show since last April, the last time Microphone Mike was in the studio adding his vast knowledge in the production of the Ryan Adam's show. I am telling you that Mike and Jeff are freaks of stories and information in the NY realm. During today's show the phone rang off the hook with calls of still more details in the NY/Colorado connection. Route 78 West listeners are hip to any and all things Neil. Special thanks to Mike for his effort in bringing you the facts about each track. And a round of applause for your very own Uncle Jeff, Esq. Folks, I just report the news, these guys track it down, study it and present it in easy to chew bites.

A book with details about the details of anything Neil Young is Ghosts On The Road by Pete Long.
NYAS Neil Young Apprerciation Society
Neil's Grammy
The Kurt Cobain connection
Godfather of GRUNGE
Who the F is Buffalo Springfield? A bedtime story for the kids. [can you say super group?]
Neilniks - Photos from today's show.

What's next? Well, Jeff and Mike are hashing over a few ideas for a future special installment of Route 78 West and you will not be disappointed. Stay tuned for the date and more details. Dam that was fun!

See ya next week on the AM dial or the worldwide stream.