Route 78 West 2/7/2010 back
Show #457 You Can't Control Your World


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Peter Walker, Meditation Blues-Tompkin's Square, CD
02     Peter Walker, Camel Ride-Tompkin's Square, CD
03     Peter Walker, City Pulse-Tompkin's Square, CD
04     Peter Walker, Missing You-Tompkin's Square, CD
05     Peter Walker, 102nd Pslam-Tompkin's Square, CD
06     Peter Walker, Mellowtime-Tompkin's Square, CD
07     John Fahey, Dance Of The Dead-Takoma, CD [technical difficulties]
08     John Fahey, What The Sun Said-Takoma, CD
09     The Lively Ones, Exodus-Del Fi, CD
10     Neil Young, Words-Reprise, LP
- break 10:00 am
11     Reno And Smiley, The Last Mile-King, LP
12     George Jones, White Lightening-Mercury, CD
13     Kevin Deal, If You Hurt The Ones You Love-Blind Nello, CD
14     Charles River Valley Boys, Norweigian Wood-Elektra, LP
15     The Apples In Stereo, Strawberryfire-YepRock, LP
16     George Harrison, While My Guitar Gently Weeps [Esher Demo]
- break 11:34 am
17     Richmond Fontaine, The Boy Friends-El Cortez, CD
18     Drag The River, Jeff Black Song-Suburban Home, CD
19     Tom Waits, Old Shoes And Picture Postcards-Manifesto Records, CD
- break 11:47 am
20     The Band, Whispering Pines [outtake]
21     Joe London, It Might Have Been-Liberty, 45 [1959]
- break 11:56 am
22     Neil Young, Pushed It Over The End [rare]
23     The Velvet Underground, I'm Waiting For My Man [rare]
Notes: Today was the day to learn the board. I didn't master it, but I got an appreication for what all the DJ's here at 1190 go through each day to bring you a real radio experience. I usually do things the hard way and thus was the case in today's broadcast venture. Uncle Jeff was caught in a line of traffic and gave me a call. He walked me through all the switches and knobs and some how I got some music playing. It was great! The phone rang and a regular requested some Surf. I had 3 CDs with me, so cued up a selection and sent it out over the frequency. When I realized that song could of been heard just about anywhere it just blew my mind. I never thought of the show like that just sitting on the couch typing up the play list. As sketchy as it was this was my play list and I was in control. A few more minutes went by and Charles called. He talked me through using 2 CD decks to mix my tracks. And somewhere in there I switched on the mic and said, "KVCU Boulder." What a rush.

I must admit I was pretty happy to see Jeff walk into the studio. Anyway, that was a blast. Maybe you will hear me again sometime cueing up a few songs and spending a little more time in the driver's seat.

Next week 2 hours of Neil Young rarities with special guest Microphone Mike.

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