Route 78 West 1/17/2010 back
Show #454 Nothing New To Report


 track  artist, song-label, format

01     The Sons Of The Pioneers, Serenade To A Coyote-Bear, LP [BFX15254]
02     The Bailey Brothers, He's Still Knocking-Old Homestead, LP [OHCS 138]
03     The Sunshine Boys, Sittin' On The Doorstep-Cowgirlboy, LP
04     Blind Willie McTell, Warm It Up To Me-Yazoo, LP [L-1005, 1933]
- break 10:17 am
05     The Byrds, Tulsa County-CD [out-take]
06     Faron Young, I Know Who Holds My Hand-Cowgirlboy, LP
07     Hank Williams III, Stoned and Alone-Sidewalk Records, CD
08     I See Hawks In LA, Byrd From West Virginia-American Beat Records, CD [new]
09     Marvin Rainwater, So You Think You Got Problems-Bear, LP
- break 10:36 am
10     Bob Dylan, Wallflower-CD [out-take]
11     The Old Joe Clarks, Outward & Beyond-Trocaderro, CD
12     Gillian Welch, One More Dollar-CD [rare]
13     Gillian Welch, Rock Of Ages-CD [rare]
14     The Byrds, Fiddler A Dram-CD [out-take]
- break 10:56 am
15     Kevin Deal, Behind The Shield-Piedrero, CD
16     Neil Young, Albuquerque-Reprise, LP [for Conor and Hux]
17     Primordial Reckoning, Reflections-Cole Mitchell, CD
18     Chris Brokaw, Out My Window-Vin Du Select Qualitite, LP
19     Bruce Springsteen, Born In The USA-Trax, CD
- break 11:14 am
20     Bruce Springsteen, Linda Let Me Be The One [outtake]
21     The Byrds, Candy-CD [1968]
22     Bruce Springsteen, Linda Let Me Be The One-Trax, CD
23     Sparklehorse, My Yoke Is Heavy-Deon, CD
24     Drive-By Truckers, When The Well Runs Dry-New West, CD
- break 11:40 am
25     I See Hawks In LA, Humbolt-American Beat Records, CD [new]
26     Bruce Springsteen, South side of heaven
27     Bad Luck City, The Night Before-Self Released, CD [local Denver band]

Notes: Nothing new to report: The factories are gone. Wages are frozen. We are at WAR!

20 - 10 is slow to get underway. There are ideas at work and I mean mental assessments of all kinds taking place both day and night, because this is 20 - 10 for christ sakes. The beginning of the worldwide 2 class e-bayed "Eight Elvises" society. We're all winners here in the U. S. of A.

The 60's were survived on agent orange and free LOVE . The chosen ones cruised opera windowed T-Birds along hazy, surf-lapped route 101. The rest were bomb dropping politicians, factory workers, students or aged beatific hippies singing, "Well, come on generals, let's move fast; Your big chance has come at last. Gotta go out and get those reds —The only good commie is the one who's dead. And you know that peace can only be won when we've blown 'em all to kingdom come. And it's one, two, three, What are we fighting for ?" In the 21st century me thinks cheap gym shoes and oil. Freedom is in there too, but that concept has become cloudy and mostly taken for granted. I mean come on, look at how free we are… it's amazing!

That's why I look forward to Sundays. Relax, hear the music and analyze the lyrics. Sip your coffee real slow. Slouch in the lawn chair. Watch some sports or get active in any way you choose. For most people it's the one day they can be and do anything. Come Monday it's back to normal. Oh well, nothing's perfect is it? See you next week.

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